Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday- Homeschool Art Curriculum Review!

"Impassioned to teach children Biblical truths in a fun and unique way, See The Light founder (Pat Holt) set out to develop a children’s art education DVD series that was compelling enough for today’s child and affordable for today’s parents and educators. Featuring art teacher and master artist, Pat Knepley, the ART CLASS DVD series (9-disk set; 36 lessons) integrates progressive art tutorials with art history appreciation and Biblical truths. Along with their personal instructor, Pat, children will learn step-by-step how to draw without the necessity of a workbook or expensive art supplies. Finally, parents do not have to be art experts to teach their children art instruction and appreciation!"

My kids (and I) have been using this art curriculum for about 6 months now and we LOVE it! I stumbled across this company through a giveaway on another blog. I did some research and decided to purchase some of their materials. While I am good at arts and crafts, I am in no way qualified to teach art concepts. I put the first DVD in thinking that I could get some work done while the kids learned art from a professional. I put in the video and was immediately drawn to how fun and interesting it was. It also had a unique feature I had never seen before. While there are a bunch of different techniques they teach (painting, drawing, pastels, creative lettering) the one that stood out the most to me was drawing with fluorescent pencils that GLOW when held up to a black light! AWESOME!

We have Volumes 1-5, The Crossmaker, The Runaway, and The Gift of Love.  I have grown to love this Art program SO much and even participate with my kids! Here is a picture of the Creative Lettering lesson I did! ( I think I am having more fun with this than my kids!)

Check out See The Light here:

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