Thursday, January 19, 2012

Domestic DIY Project- Homemade Handsoap!

Can you really make a gallon of liquid hand soap with ONE bar of soap? Let's try it and find out!

I stumbled across this idea while on Pinterest and thought I would try it. Hoping it was as easy as people were saying and really did save money.
I bought a bottle of glycerin for about $6 at Target (behind the pharmacy counter) which will last me a looong time. I also bought a bar of soap (Tom's Natural Soap) from Target for around $3 for two bars/ or $1.50 each.
This recipe calls for using only one bar, so I will save this bar for the next time I make soap (in about 6 months! Ha!)

The items you will need are:
* a funnel
* a cheese grater
* a big stock pot
* extra containers for leftover handsoap

First Step: Put 10 cups of water into your stock pot. Then grate One bar of soap and pour half of the shavings into the pot.
(Or if you have a pot big enough you can double the recipe and do 20 cups of water and the whole bar of soap.)
Then add 2 Tablespoons of Glycerin. Bring pot to a boil and stir every few minutes. Let it cool slightly. Blend in a blender & then pour into a liquid soap dispenser. I just used the dispensers we already had, so there was no extra cost there. Pour extra soap into containers. That's it! A gallon of natural homemade handsoap for $1.50! I love saving money! :) Stay tuned for some more money saving tips AND a Giveaway! :)

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