Friday, January 20, 2012

Organization Tip & free printable!

Tired of piles of clothes or miscellaneous baskets of laundry with no organization?
That was me. I didn't even want to go in the garage because it seemed too overwhelming. My husband saw my dilemma and came up with an idea (all on his own, without looking online!) He is good about breaking down tasks into smaller chunks when all I see is the big picture & end up giving up altogether. He went to Home Depot and bought plastic shelves and white baskets (like the ones pictured below). He told me his idea of separating the different clothes into each of the baskets. Makes sense. I wonder why I didn't think of that?
So, being the "Got-to-put-a-label-on-it-and-make-it-pretty" kind of girl I am I went to work. I found these labels on

They look so pretty and now all of my laundry is organized! I actually sort-of enjoy doing laundry now! Especially since I made my own homemade laundry detergent-will post the recipe for that soon!
Happy Laundering!

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