Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Pampered Chef!

Hi Friends,
I wanted to share with you the reason I have not had a chance to blog lately. I just became a Pampered Chef Consultant! I am very thankful for the opportunity to work for a great company, get some great products & maybe even earn a little extra income. :) I am trying to earn my incentives for my first 30 days & I have until March 30th to get all of my orders in-I know soon, right? It is easy to get discouraged & take things personally, BUT I am trying to keep my spirit thinking positively & trusting that God will provide. If anything, I am just excited to have these amazing products in my home! I just got my kit yesterday & it was so much fun opening it with my kids. They were so excited too & didn't even wait for me to open some of the boxes. We have spent all day cooking in the kitchen together & trying out all of our new products. This business is giving us the opportunity to spend more time together!

Check out the website link below & place your orders today! When your total reaches $60, you get a FREE product! :)

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