Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Creative Ways to Celebrate the True Meaning of Easter!

I have been searching for more ways to incorporate the true meaning of each holiday & why it is I choose to celebrate it. Easter, for our family, is no exception. This year the kids asked if they could come with us to "The Stations of the Cross". Below are some of the stations we visited...

 The kids writing a note to Jesus. <3

Feeling how heavy a cross similar to the one Jesus had to carry up the hill would have been. (It was really heavy!)

A yearly tradition for our family.

Resurrection Eggs:

Here are what I put in each of the eggs & the document I created to tell the Easter story:

The kids LOVE this activity! My youngest loves to take each thing out of the egg, pretend to eat the cracker (& freak Mommy out;) & especially loves the shiny golden egg that is empty which symbolizes- HE is Risen!

See the Light Art - Easter Project

I pinned lots of great ideas for Easter onto my Pinterest Board-Check it out below:

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